Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Under the Misty Mountains ...

Time for a readalong check-in with The Hobbit, courtesy of Eva, right here:

On to Eva's questions:

Where are you in the story?
Just past the chapter with the trolls. I'm reading very slowly at the moment.

So far, has the book lived up to your expectations (for first-timers)/memories (for rereaders)? The Hobbit always lives up to my memories :D

What’s surprising or familiar?
I re-read The Hobbit a year or so ago, so at this stage it's all wonderfully familiar. :)

Have you been bogged down anywhere in the book?
Not so far, no.

Let’s talk about the songs…are you skipping over them to get back to the prose? Why or why not? I'm skimming the songs. Probably because I've read the book so many times, I think.

What do you think of the narrator’s voice?
I love it. I feel like I'm being read a bedtime story. :D

Does your edition have illustrations or maps? Have you been ignoring them or referring back to them? Just a couple of maps, and a few pen-and-ink sketches. I'm terrible with maps, so I never look back at them.

Now it’s time to play favourites! Who’s your favourite main character?
Oh. Goodness. Gandalf. I always loved Gandalf :D

Who’s your favourite minor character (i.e.: villains, random helpers, etc.)?
Elrond, I think. Oh! The Wood Elves. Hmmm ... Might revisit this one ;)

What’s your favourite scene?

Anything in Rivendell. I love Rivendell

Do you have a favourite quote to share?
The very first line "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." :D


Anonymous said...

I re-read The Hobbit a couple years ago, as well, and I'm getting a late start on the Tolkein readalong. I've got the audiobook from the library, but I hate to just rely on that and would rather have a hard copy to read while listening. Gandalf is grand, isn't he :-D

Beth F said...

I love Gandalf too!

I'm such a map freak, I can't imagine not looking at it while you're reading!

Eva said...

I didn't realise you'd just reread it! :)

That first line is so classic, isn't it?

Anonymous said...
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J.G. said...

You are so right. That first line is like a beloved old friend!

Jess - A Book Hoarder said...

I have to also agree, the first line is one of the best. It helps that I really really want to live in that hole in the ground.