Saturday, March 12, 2011


The 24 hour readathon is on April 9! Are you reading? Sign up here: Are you cheerleading? Hosting a mini-challenge? (Sign-ups for those will be along soon, according to the blog). And if not ... why not?

If you don't already know - and if you do - the readathon is awesome. It's basically a weekend (24 hours, I know, but time zones) of reading and cheering and eating and flailing.

Way back in 2008, the late, great Dewey started the 24 hour readathon. Dewey was big on community-building in the books blogosphere - she also instigated the Weekly Geeks: and many, many, many other things. Other bloggers knew her better but, for me, she was the one who drew me into the books blogging community and made me feel a part of it.

I always fail at the readathon. Always. I read maybe one chapter of  a book, but I sign up to read anyway. And to cheerlead, which I fail slightly less at, because readathon is about all of us getting together and making connections across the blogosphere as it is about reading.

You know you want to ... ;)


Jenica704 said...

I'm signing up! I'm also a new follower!

Maree said...

Awesome!! And welcome! :D

Kate said...

I love the readathon! I will sign up to cheer again, but I'm not sure if I'll host a mini-challenge this time or not. I've done 2 of them, and they've been fun, but I don't have any really good ideas at the moment.

Jodie said...

Yay I'm reading this year and will probably cheerlead an hour. I'm so excited that it's threeish weeks away and right now nothing else is going on that weekend.

Maree said...

Kate: I've never hosted a mini-challenge but they're fun to do :D
Jodie: Yay!!! Right? It's so close!