Saturday, September 3, 2011

RIP VI and other stuff

That angel makes me think of Blink, my favourite Dr Who episode. *Shiver*.

RIP time again already! I haven't signed up (yet - lol) but I do love Carl's challenges:

(Aside: It's entirely possible I completed Once Upon a Time this year without noticing. Hrm.)

So I shall do what I always do. I will dither. I will make an unrealistic list of books and ... possibly do a vlog. Who knows?

Anyway. I read One Day by David Nicholls this week and I was .... ... underwhelmed. I mean, it was fine, the story was interesting but I found the characters really unengaging and a bit two-dimensional. Especially Dexter. I honestly kept waiting for him to stop acting like a dropkick and deal with his drinking and it sort of ... didn't happen. I'm genuinely puzzled by all the fuss over it, but maybe that's just me being picky.

For now I'm re-reading Return of the King, which is a very, very long hangover from the LOTR readalong of early last year. *ahem*. Aside from that, I don't know what's next, as ROTK is very much a pick-up/put-down book for me because I've read it so many times.

I did start reading A Study in Scarlet again, after many years. Anyone who knows me will know I've developed a slightly unhealthy obsession with the BBC's updated Sherlock, so I've decided to go back to the source material.

On Thursday I went to see Hanna, and it was amazing. I wasn't sure at all what to expect - it's about a 16 year old girl who's been raised in isolation by her father to be an assassin but it's fantastic. Saoirse Ronan is amazing and the soundtrack - by The Chemical Brothers - is fantastic. As soon as I'm financially stable (ie payday) I'm buying the soundtrack.

My plan for the rest of Sunday is to tuck up on the couch and read. Ah ... Sundays ...


chrisa511 said...

You absolutley WILL do a vlog! That's a comman…er…request! It wouldn't be proper if you didn't :)

Maree said...

Just for you, then ;)

Kailana said...

I'm with Chris. VLOG!

Debi said...

Make that three votes for the vlog!

chrisa511 said...


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