Friday, November 30, 2012

On not buying books

I've made one of those impulsive decisions that seems  like a good idea.

I have decided - from now and for the whole of next year - to not buy any books.

Any books at all.

Not a one. Not from bookstores, or book depository, or amazon, or charity book sales, or the library sales ... well, you get the idea.

We're saving for a big move, probably at the start of 2014, from where  we are now to near where Jeremy's parents live. I'm simply transferring offices rather than jobs, so it's going to be costly, which means that sacrifices have to be made.

The good thing is that we have an excellent library here, and I have more than enough books on my own shelves to keep me occupied for the next year.

For MORE than the next year, let's be honest.

So. No new shiny books for me for a year or so.

That'll be challenging. :-)


Kristen M. said...

Good luck! Saving for a move is a great reason to curtail spending. You'll definitely be glad you did. And you can just let us know when you need a gift book, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good luck with that!

Kerry said...

Good luck. It all sounds very sensible, but I really don't think I could manage it. I wish you well.

Aarti said...

Good luck! I think trying to restrict book purchases often leads to people rediscovering their libraries - hope that is the case for you and that your library is a good one!

Maree said...

Kristen: Heeee thank you :D

Jill: Thanks! I'm going to give it my best shot

Kerry: Thanks! :-)

Aarti: We do have an excellent library, thank you!

Jenny said...

Wow, that is quite a resolution. Good luck! I hope you find plenty of treasures on your shelves. :)