Saturday, March 30, 2013

Readathon ... and Once Upon a Time

It's getting to that time of year again - readathon time. Hie thee here, if you're wondering what I'm talking about:

One of Dewey's passions was building a community of book bloggers, and I know she'd get a kick out of how many people participate in the readathon every April and October.

I feel like quite the old-timer now, I have to say - lol.

I hummed and hawed over this one, I have to admit. Do I do it, do I not, do I read, do I cheer ..

Usually, I cheer, and I encourage anyone who doesn't have time to dive in as a reader, to join a cheering team. The cheerleaders do a great job at keeping readers motivated, and I always have fun doing it.

But this year, I'm being selfish. I'm doing readathon for me, which means being just a reader (I've tried both at the same time, and I found it stressful).

I'm going to start early, because the readathon starts at midnight-1am my time, which is a bit late to settle in and start reading. So I'm going to start on the Saturday night after Patrick has settled - about 8pm NZ Time.

My plan is to read for a few hours on Saturday night, do the first mini-challenge, get some sleep, then spend as much of the Sunday as I can reading.

There will be food, of course as well, I just need to decide whether I'm going to vlog it this year or not. And decide what books I'm going to stack up, which leads me to ... - a reading challenge run by Carl every year. I tend not to do reading challenges now, but I do love at least TRYING Once Upon a Time, and RIP, both hosted by Carl.

So my readathon stack (short stack probably), will also be my Once Upon a Time stack.

I'm just going to sign up for the journey, which is beautifully open-ended and means I can draw from any number of books.

I'm also going to do the journey on screen. I bought LOTR extended edition on blu-ray, but haven't revelled in it yet, so that will be my Once Upon a Time on-screen journey.

So. Are you readathon-ing? Are you Once Upon  a Time-ing? Let's talk. :D


Anonymous said...

LOTR on blu-ray is beauuuutiful! Get pumped for that. I'm doing Once Upon a Time too and one of the books on my list is The Silmarillion. Are you going to read anything Tolkien?

Anonymous said...

I'm Once Upon a Time-ing (I love that!) Good luck with your read-a-thon (I don't think my focus is that good for one of those...) and I hope you have a wonderful time on the Journey!

Maree said...

Julianne: I definitely need to make time to watch it soon! I have The Silmarillion as an audiobook, but I haven't listened to it yet - I hadn't thought of that!

mareveloustales: Thank you! You too! :D

Marg said...

I don't seem to ever be able to read during the readathon. Either I have things on, or I spend my whole time cheering, or I just can't get into the books. The time delay thing doesn't help for me either.

Maybe this will be the year I get to actually read!