Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Innocence review

Addison Goodheart lives below the city, only coming out at night. Whenever anyone sees his face, they have an immediate and visceral reaction and try to attack him.

Addison lives an ordered, considered life. He explores the city after dark, and he mourns the man he called Father, who had taken care of Addison before his own life was cruelly taken.

Everything changes for Addison one night when he saves a girl from a monster with a human face in the library. In the blink of an eye, both Addison and Gwyneth's lives are changed forever.

Dean Koontz can certainly get to  the dark heart of the human condition, and there's a lot of bleakness in Innocence. I keep meaning to dive into his early works, which I never have, because I understand he took a turn somewhere along the way.

Anyway. Good v evil, true love, and also dogs.

It could be worse.

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