Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's Monday

Your meme is hosted by Sheila here:

I had a reasonably productive week, I think. Well. Weekend, anyway. I read Cold Feet by Jay Northcote, a sweet gay romance story about best friends trapped in a Welsh cottage over Christmas. I WONDER WHAT THEY GET UP TO THEN. It was lovely, a nice slice of escapism.

I also finished Parasite by Mira Grant, which I also liked a lot. There was a twist right at the end that made me keen to seek out book two.

Of course, I have Goblet of Fire on the go, and I’m about 100 pages in to that for Sheila’s readalong.

And the lovely Care at is hosting a readalong of a novel called Sister Carrie, which I had never heard of but barged in on anyway. It’s my lunchtime reading on my ipad, and so far, so good.

What are you reading?


Unknown said...

Wow you have a lot on the go! I am trying to finish the book I am reading at the moment then will hopefully break into my TBR pile!

Martha Eskuchen said...

Hmm - I wonder why the title "Parasite" would get my attention. Seems weird so I'll check it out.
I am glad your health is good and nothing major. Always best to check it out so you can deal with any real issue.
Glad you found the missing cat - yes you can claim that miracle.
Happy week and Happy Reading!

Jen at Introverted Reader said...

I've heard of Sister Carrie but that's all I can say. I'm glad you're enjoying it!