Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekly Geeks 12 ... the remix

I changed my mind.
Instead of doing a post at the end of the week, I'm going to answer the questions in batches _ provided I get more than four!

So here's my first batch of Q & A:

I saw that your feelings were lukewarm for Twilight. Do you think that was because of the hype? Do you think you'll read the others in the series or not so much? Would it make you feel better knowing that Edward isn't in New Moon for most of the time?

I don't think my feelings were ambivalent because of the hype. I think my feelings were ambivalent because I only mildly enjoyed the book. I can see why it's so popular, but I'm not really feeling the story.

I probably will read the rest in the series, because I like to (at least try) to finish the things that I start.

I'm even more interested in New Moon knowing that Edward isn't in it a lot.

Were you surprised that the author of The Thorn Birds and other epic fiction novels would turn to writing detective fiction? I was, but good on her for branching out and trying different stuff!

Actually, yes I was, although I haven't read The Thorn Birds. I did see the mini-series, back in the day ...

I love it when genre authors branch out and pull of something completely unexpected.

I enjoyed Twilight. However, I loathed New Moon but that's mainly because I cried through 75% of it. It was really well written. I recently read an article in the New York Times (it's posted at my site) about how novels in the young adult genre are starting to influence the relationships of the younger generation. The author also mentioned that it was unusual to see a guy being the responsible one when it came to sex. What are you thoughts on the reversal of roles between Edward and Bella in regards to their psychical relationship?

Ooh, that's an interesting question. To be honest, I hadn't thought about it, but you're right. It is a role reversal. On the other hand ... it was creepy/stalkerish the way Edward was watching Bella every night before they started going out. I liked Bella a lot. Certainly a lot more than Edward, and I couldn't help thinking she could do better than some moody vampire. So I kind of want to say good for Bella, because the only reason Edward is restraining himself, is so that he doesn't drain all of her blood, rather than from some strongly held moral code.

Last (for now only, hopefully ... love me! love me! love meeeeeeee!!!!)

I can't believe my beloved Thorn Birds has written something as chilling as that!! Were you surprised? Have you read Thorn Birds? If someone didn't normally read detective/crime stories, would you still recommend this one to them?*smiles*

I was surprised. I haven't read The Thorn Birds but I HAVE read her Masters of Rome series, which is very, very, very good.

Um ... On, Off is pretty graphic, and squeam-inducing. So I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a jumping-off point if you're not used to the gore that can be inherent in detective fiction. Otherwise, yes, I'd recommend it. :)

Okay. Batch one questions answered.
Hopefully not my only batch this week (love me ... love me ... love meeeeeeeee)


Anonymous said...

Having fun, are you? I like the term 'squeam-inducing'... eek!

Maree said...

I think this is my favourite Weekly Geek so far :)