Monday, January 12, 2009

The Reading Week

Merlin, hiding away in the slot that used to hold the scanner until Patrick got too interested in lifting the lid. So now it's just an empty space, when not occupied by lanky tabbies.

H'm. Still on The Count of Monte Cristo, obviously. And it's not going half as fast as it should be but never mind. I WILL prevail! Yes, I will.

Uhm ... what else. I read The Heretic Queen over Saturday and Sunday. And is it just me? Does anyone else read books that everyone else kind of drools over but you just think "well, it was all right" because that's how I felt about The Heretic Queen. Review coming, I suppose.

But next up is Amber and Blood: Book three of the Dark Disciple, one of the oh, so many Dragonlance offshoots. I haven't read them all (I'd never read anything else) but The Dark Disciple is sort of in a direct line from the original trilogies and I did enjoy the first two. Also, I waited for aaaaaaages for this one to come out. So I duly put a hold on it at the library, got it out when it came in _ and promptly forgot about it.
It was due back at the library on Saturday. It is however, a relatively short book and I'm pretty sure I can knock it over in a couple of days.

I still have Nation on my bedside table and I haven't even cracked it yet. Yes, I feel bad about that. Sigh.


Darcie said...

Maree -
I tagged you for a bookshelf meme. I hope you don't mind. It's at:

Ana S. said...

Don't feel guilty about Nation, it'll still be there when you get to it :P

And yes, I've had similar reactions to very popular books. I always wonder if my expectations have something to do with it.

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

I couldn't get into Heretic Queen either, but it is a topic I enjoy so I will give it another shot at some point.