Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekly Geeks and Once Upon a Time III is finished

Weekly Geeks seen here:
We're talking about reading challenges this week. I actually (accidentally) finished one this year. I finished Once Upon a Time by accident by virtue of reading the Mortal Instruments trilogy. Which didn't enrage me like Twilight did, but it made me sort of tired. However, it led to me finishing a challenge, so yay.
I don't know whether I'm going to answer this question right or not.
As for keeping me organised and goal-oriented ... uh .... no. I kind of have a hate/hate relationship with reading challenges. I join them, when they're all new, and shiny and I'm young and optimistic and full of hope, then the next thing I know, I'm a 50-year-old man in a convertible with an inappropriately young blonde. Weary, in other words.
And yet ... you know how there's one food that's totally bad for you but you just can't resist? For me, it's chocolate-covered pretzels. There's something about that sweet, salty goodness that turns me into Homer Simpson. Anyway. In terms of blogging, it's reading challenges.
I shouldn't do it, I know I shouldn't do it, but .... sigh. I still have the Dream King challenge, Dewey's Reading Challenge and the Art History Challenge, in terms of specifics. Then there's the 100+ Books challenge (SO not going to happen _ I'm not even to 50 for the year) and the Support Your Local Library Challenge. Oh, and my personal classics challenge, which is going so badly this year I might as well be reading cereal packets.
And then ... did you SEE the button for the Challenge That Dare Not Speak Its Name? Hosted here: I am so, so, so tempted. Partly because it gives me an excuse to read The Picture of Dorian Grey, which was one of last year's classics that I didn't get to, and partly because the Oscar Wilde button is so pretty. Shallow, I know.
The only reason I join reading challenges is because my hind-brain goes "Shiny!!!" and it all depends on whether I can talk it down or not.
"Dammit Jim, I'm a reading blogger, not a superhero!"
Happy Weekly Geeks everyone :)


Amanda said...

Maybe I'll just come by and plead with you to join the Challenge that Dare Not Speak Its Name. :) It's only six books!! :D I know, I'm pathetic. But I would love it if you decided to join.

Maree said...

I'm thisclose to joining. I keep making a mental list of books in my head.

The Bookworm said...

I know what you mean, I join way too many challenges, I can't help myself :O)

Anonymous said...

LOL that's a strange thing to not be able to resist reading challenges! I'm glad I don't have your handicap ;)

I am SO not going to read 100+ books a year that I don't feel inclined subscribing to a challenge like that at all. Sorry ;) I seem to read less each year, BUT... more books per year of a higher quality as well!

BTW I 'count' pages, not books ;)

To anyone who'll be participating in the GBLT challenge, I can definitely recommend Brideshead Revisited! Read it in april and loved it.

gautami tripathy said...

I don't join challenges any more. Too restricting!

WG: Reading Challenges

Anonymous said...

I read about this GLBT challenge, very interesting indeed. Your reasons for joining are valid, not shallow at all.