Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Generation A by Douglas Coupland

Where has Mr Coupland been all my life with his wit and sarcasm and observational humour?
Generation A is the first book I have read by Mr Coupland and I now plan to stalk his back catagalogue (er ... never mind).
Anyway. Generation A is set in the very near future, and the bees have disappeared. At least - that's what everybody thinks until five different people in apparently random parts of the world - are stung.
Then things get a little strange.
Um. Okay. I read this book a few weeks ago and the details are a little hazy, but it's awesome. And funny. And witty. And a Satirical Tome on Our Times. And one of the five is from New Zealand.
You all should read it.
my next review will be less of a fail.


Lahni said...

This isn't a fail - you made me want to read it!

raych said...

D.Coup has been in the sunny west coast of the great white frozen north all your life. He is one of our country's shiniest spots. He's incredibly hit-and-miss (aren't we all, up here?) so approach each book with low expectations.

Maree said...

Lahni: thank you! :D
raych: I love it when you say things \o/

Jodie said...

Only he could make the bees disappearing into a satirical tome of our times :)