Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's February. Where is your Fellowship?

My goodness I'm late starting on this one! I haven't even finished The Hobbit!
I have two weeks off in March and plan much, much reading!
Our lovely host for the February readalong of Fellowship of the Ring is Clare at The Literary Omnivore.
The post that is relevant to your interests is here:

And Clare invites us to answer these questions:

1.When did you first hear of The Lord of the Rings?
Hmmm ... when I was about 12 or 13 I think?

2.Have you read The Fellowship of the Ring before?
Yes. Many, many times. I first devoured my older brother's copy when I was 14. I still remember sitting on the back doorstep and just ... inhaling it.

3.What’s your plan of attack, now that we’re dealing with more “mature” literature?
Read. Enjoy. Not stress out about the fact I still haven't finished The Hobbit. \O/

4.Have you ever seen the movies? If so, do you think they’ll influence your reading? If not, well, why haven’t you seen them?
Yes. I love the movies. No ... they don't influence my reading at all. I love the books and the movies as separate entities.

Come with us. We're going on a journey ... :)


Clare said...

Take all the time you need! :) These are meant to be enjoyed.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Wow, that is one well loved copy of the book! Look forward to hearing about your Fellowship journey!

Anonymous said...

I like your copy! I sort of wish mine was a paperback - I mean it's a big gorgeous hardback and I love it but I can't exactly carry it around with me.

Beth F said...

My paperback is falling apart. I really should buy a new set of hardbacks.

Anonymous said...
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Care said...

I, too, love the books and the movies and didn't have any issues with either. Have fun with your reading and rereading and spending time in MiddleEarth.

Aths said...

I agree the movies don't influence my reading of the LOTR movies either. They are my favorite movies!