Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dark Matter by Juli Zeh

You know those books, that make you think? Like - make you take your brain cells out; give them a stretch and send them for a brisk walk around the block?

Yes. Those books.

Dark Matter is one of those books.

A psychological thriller set in Germany, Dark Matter is about what happens when physics theory and the real world collide: the consequences are far-reaching - and often tragic.

Sebastian and Oskar are long-time friends - they had been close at college, until Sebastian chose marriage and family over intellectual pursuits (and possibly other kinds - there is A LOT of unresolved sexual tension here) with Oskar.

They maintain their friendship, however, by way of Friday night dinners at Sebastian's, which are a stress and a trial to Sebastian, and his wife, Maike.

When Sebastian and Maike's son Liam is kidnapped, and Sebastian is forced to kill a man in order to get him back, all of the theories in the world suddenly aren't enough.

Dark Matter is one of those thrillers that's more about the why and the how, rather than the who; so that part is dealt with fairly early on. However, Zeh maintains the tension right to the last page as relationships form, re-form, fall apart and solidify because of the actions of one man.

8/10 That movie that you've watched 100 times and you never get tired of

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Rachel said...

That sounds interesting! I might have to pick it up.