Friday, May 28, 2010

Mr Ness We Need To Talk

Mr Ness, We Need to Talk

So, recently, I finished Monsters of Men, the third book in the Chaos Walking series. Which is probably one of my favourite series of books ever. Like, ever, in my whole however-many-years-I've-been-reading.



Anyways, the residents of New Prentisstown are knee-deep in war, with the Mayor running around like a megalomaniac and Mistress Coyle on the other side – no less frightening in her intent to destroy the Mayor.

Add in Todd and Viola, the Spackle/Land (OMG HOW MUCH DID I LOVE THE LAND?OIUADFLKJDFJPOIUAKJLH) and you have one helluva ride to the end of the story.

Anyway. War. War has come and there are three factions: The Mayor's, the Answer, led by Mistress Cole, and the Land – the native species of the planet who are, justifiably, more than a little annoyed at being summarily executed and enslaved by the human settlers.

Todd and Viola are separated, yet still struggling to put the population of New Prentisstown back together.

Patrick Ness has such a tight handle on his story and characters that it's almost scary. Everything weaves together into this amazingly cohesive story, and the characters – Todd and Viola are right up there, of course, as my favourites, but special mention has to be made of the Mayor – evil incarnate yes, but also a complex character, and Mr Ness spares neither him, nor his audience from scrutiny.

The horses ... oh, the horses, Angharrad and Acorn especially (boy colt, girl colt), but also Juliet's Joy, the Mayor's horse (SUBMIT!) - and the fact that Ness can imbue horses with individual character ... that's talent.

And the Land ... oh, the Land, and the Return – they about broke my heart. But then, Mr Ness did not shy away at all from breaking hearts – when the going got tough, he just dug in and gave us (well, me especially) – exactly what we needed: a perfectly satisfying end to the trilogy, and the desire to read more more more!!!

10/10 Could not be improved on, even by angel dust and a basket of kittens

so mr ness .... whatcha working on?


Teresa said...

I must get this book! But it doesn't publish in the U.S. until Sept. Oh why oh why didn't I put the Mayor on my list of favorite literary villains? He's actually my favorite character in the series, then again, you know and I know that I like the evil.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaargh, the suspense is killing me! Why, oh why, did this book have to be released at a time when I have sworn up and down to stop acquiring books?

Ana S. said...

...what does one say but infinite <3s?

chrisa511 said...

I couldn't agree with you more :D So freaking incredible...I'm still waiting on my Chaos Walking musical :p Or book of poetry..or something else :p I just need MORE!! SUBMIT, Mr. Ness, SUBMIT!

mariel said...

Oh I know!! What a fabulous fabulous series. I can't believe it has ended. I may have blubbed!