Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disco inferno?

Well not quite an inferno, but quite enough to be going on with, thank you very much.

If you follow my twitter/have seen my tumblr, you’ll know I had a bit of a cooking mishap on Monday night. I was careless putting mince into a frying pan with hot oil, and the oil splashed back and burned my arm.

Off to A&E, where I was duly bandaged and sent home with instructions to go to my doctor the next day to get it re-dressed. Luckily, after Monday it had stopped hurting and “only” one blister formed. So I went to the Dr yesterday and the nurse rebandaged it, and back again today for more of the same.

The nurse today (different to yesterday’s) re-dressed it with some kind of magic liquid, magic netty stuff and a pressure bandage, which is MUCH easier to deal with than a normal bandage. The frustrating part is that I have to keep the bandage on for another week.

So, I did what any sane and sensible person would do. I went to the Warehouse and bought books and coffee mugs.

I bought a pretty-sounding French cookbook, even though I don’t cook much, The Fault in Our Stars, Never Let Me Go and The Snow Child. The coffee mugs are for work. I have this weird quirk where I don’t like to use the mugs that are available in the cafeteria to anyone – I prefer my own. They’re just $2 mugs from the Warehouse, but I like them :D

I finished Railsea at the weekend, and now begins the back-and-forth between myself and Jodie at while we fangirl/discuss the novel. :D

In my cross stitch rotation at the moment, I’m working on Circe by Jill Oxton, but haven’t got much done lately – see: burned arm *sigh* and I’m reading The Night Circus, which I’m not very far into but is very promising so far.

In between books I’m reading a little P G Wodehouse – his Jeeves and Wooster short stories, mostly.

That’s … as interesting as it gets today.


Debi said...

Good heavens, woman, that sounds such awful!!! I'm glad that at least it isn't hurting so much any more. And also glad you took the sensible route and went and bought books.

Sean Wright said...

Ouch. Get better soon more books should do it

Bookgazing said...

Owww - has it stopped throbbing now?

Marg said...

Ouch! Sounds painful.

Consolation shopping was definitely in order!

Maree said...

Debi: It certainly wasn't fun. Books soothed my damaged ego, though :-)

Sean: Thanks! Books always make bad things better :D

Jodie: Luckily it mostly just hurt the first night. Now it's just a nuisance. :-)

Marg: That was my extremely rational thinking, yes :-)