Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There's a storm coming ...

Don’t mind me, I’m just excited. BECAUSE IT’S TIME FOR BATMAN.

Er, nearly. I got my ticket today, and I’m going tomorrow after work. It’s on at the completely pants time of 7.15pm which is hugely inconvenient for me, but I AM GOING ANYWAY BECAUSE BATMAN.

Ah …. this is my brain …. THIS IS MY BRAIN ON FANGIRL. Lots of caps and things and stuff.

Anyway. Non-Batman things.

I had to go back to the nurse at my doctor’s surgery today and yay, no more pressure bandage! I don’t have to go back, and I just have a couple of patches of magic netting thingy covering the remaining  ‘worst’ spots, which aren’t that bad. But the BEST part is I don’t have to go back to the doctors any more and I can take the magical netty stuff off myself in about 10 days if it hasn’t come off on its own by then.

The nurse said something like, “I’d say we won’t be seeing you back for a while, but you seem to be having a run of things lately.”

You drop ONE CLOTHESLINE on your head … anyway. All is well now and I can go back to bumbling through my days like always.

I haven’t been stitching much this week, apart from Sunday night when I watched Worried About the Boy, a biopic of Boy George, which was good but a bit heavy on the shagging.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely down with the shagging. Absolutely. But the film was kind of out of balance, if that makes sense. I wanted more backstory of Boy George and Culture Club. Keep the shagging, obviously (plus, bonus, one of the guys the very cute boy playhing Boy George was making out with? RICHARD MADDEN. Robb Stark, to the rest of you) but like … punch it out with a bit more story.

I’m about 100 pages from finishing The Night Circus and oh my GOD this BOOK. I got to a part near-ish the end that’s basically ripped my heart out and I’m super-wary now about how it’s going to end. But the CIRCUS. I’ve never wanted to go to  a circus half as badly as I want to go to the Night Circus and have it be a real thing.



Chinoiseries said...

Yay for you getting tickets :-) I'm so excited about it as well. Must go see it soon! Hah, I didn't read the part about Boy George properly, and thought it was actually BG shagging Richard Madden. Ew! But if it's a cute actor... ;-)
Also, I frickin love The Night Circus! The ending is pretty good, no worries.
As for your bandages, I hope it's nothing too serious?

Maree said...

I got it yesterday :D

Lol I re-worded that part because it wasn't clear. But yes, cute actors making out ;)

I burned my arm last week on hot oil. Bad enough for bandages, but it's much better now :-)

Marg said...

Weren't all the different tents in the circus amazing!

Care said...

That Circus sounds awesome, yes?! :)

Maree said...

Marg: They were! I loved it so much, I made Jeremy read it as well - lol

Care: I want to go to the Night Circus SO badly

Care said...

Is it TRUE?! you're going to read IT with us?!?!?! :D

Maree said...

Care: YES! I'm signing up right now! :D