Monday, October 7, 2013


I have been going back and forth a bit lately about what I want to do with this little corner of the internet I haven't blogged since readathon in April. Wow.

That was completely unintentional on my part. And by "unintentional" I mean completely, 100 per cent lazy.

I'm still going back and forth on what I'm going to actually do with my little corner of the world wide web over here. I was never really a committed books blogger - more of a lazy reviewer who basked in the company of other, smarter and more insightful readers, and I think - for me - I can set the reviewing thing to rest with a pretty easy conscience.

I'm not quite ready to let the blogging thing go, however, even though you wouldn't know it after six months of radio silence.

Stay tuned, I guess? Or follow me on my tumblr, because I finally changed the password and can now remember the log in: because I'm going to try and start posting daily pix there again.

It'll just be pix of Patrick and my cats, so don't get too carried away. DO come say hi, though. :D

And now, I'm off to sign up for readathon, and you should too:


Ana S. said...

I'm glad that whatever you decide about the blog you'll still be on tumblr/twitter. We'd miss you terribly if you just went away! Enjoy the read-a-thon :D

Anonymous said...

I second what Ana says! You are missed when you are away, and I'll be happy to see you around, whatever you decide about the blog.

Maree said...

Ana!! <3 <3 You'll never get rid of me completely ;)

Jenny: Thank you, it's always nice to hear that :D