Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stuff, some things maybe

It's Sunday night, I have a Lily-scarf across my neck, so of course it's the perfect time for a vague sort of life-update post.

I say "vague" because not a lot has been happening, really. Patrick turned seven(!!!) last month, I turned 43(!!!) a couple of weeks ago, and life shuffles along as it is wont to do.

Patrick asked me a few weeks ago if scientists were real, because he wanted to know if he could learn to make potions. After assuring him that yes, scientists are real, he now wants to be  a chemist. It's an advance on a ninja or Spider-man anyway.

All valid career choices, obviously.

Work remains work-ish. There's not a lot to say when you literally, actually work in an office from 9-5.

The period of doom hasn't returned *fingers crossed*, and now I'm just waiting to hear about a scan.

I saw What We Do in the Shadows - a Kiwi-made vampire comedy - yesterday, and it's hilarious. Very, very Kiwi in its sensibilities and sense of humour, and very unapologetic about it.

Great fun.

Uh ...... I also slayed a dragon and discovered life on a distant planet.


Jodie said...

You should talk about your job - I'm always like 'this sounds interesting but where and how and when' when you mention it on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Good life choices by Patrick! I think being a ninja or Spiderman would also be really valid, but scientist is probably going to be less stressful for him in the long run.

Maree said...

Jodie: I might just do that :D

Jenny: I think so! All valid career choices for sure. He's decided now, that he wants to be a research scentist because that means working with computers - lol ;-)