Saturday, November 15, 2014

Challenging times

I love reading challenges. I mean, I think I love the IDEA of reading challenges more than the challenges themselves, though that never stops me from rampantly signing up.

Patrick is out at a birthday party, so I'm using this small, unexpected window of peace to do an update post.

I definitely failed out of the 2014 TBR challenge hosted here: - I think I read four or five of the books I'd  pulled off my shelves, but I'm going to re-do my TBR shelf and sign up again, because hope springs eternal and all that.

I have, however, managed to do reasonably well on the women writer's challenge, hosted here:

I signed up to read at least 20 books by women writers, and so far I've read 31, out of the 54 books I've read this year. I still need to work on diversifying my reading, but it's a decent start, I think.

If that's on offer again next year, I'll definitely sign up again, with a focus on diversity. And, of course, I'll try and dovetail it with the More Diverse Universe challenge:

Two challenges I consistently fail out of are Once Upon a Time and RIP, and I don't know why because sci fi and fantasy and horror/suspense are some of my favourite genres. Perhaps 2015 will be my year.

Who knows, right?


Jodie said...

Well done on the women authors challenge! I also consistently fail out of RIP so maybe it's just not the right time for year for us. Or maybe we should cheer each other through?

Maree said...

RIP is at the wrong time of year, because it happens in my springtime so that's definitely a factor.

Yes!! I'd love that! Maybe we could co-read something for it :-)

Peek-a-booK! said...

If you are interested in, you could have a look to the challenge I launched, the “2015 Women Challenge”. Have fun with me and my challenge! ^_^

Bye and enjoy your books!