Sunday, August 10, 2008

The reading week .... again

Well, I finished Sourcery on Saturday, so my one and only prediction for last week came true.
I'm trying to be organised about my reading, because otherwise, I wouldn't be reading anything as I get sucked into the Black Hole of the internets in what spare time I do have.

So I'm continuing to fight the good fight, as it were. I'm aiming to have three books on the go at once, in a kind of rolling rotation. I suppose it sounds a bit .... joyless, but to me, it would be even more joyless to find I hadn't made any time for reading at all. So being in control of it, makes me relax a little bit and yes, enjoy. It also means that, in the times Patrick's having a nap, or after work, there's always a book to reach for _ and that can only be good. :)
I still have Space and The Once and Future King on the go, and later this week I'll add another one in. Ah .... booking goodness. :p

Sourcery review coming later.

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