Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekly Geeks

I totally spaced on last week's Weekly Geeks. But I'm back for this one.
I'm hoping to make this ... not so easy (heh)
Monday marks the start of New Zealand Book Month, so I'm going with a Kiwi theme.
Originally I had several books but I"m such a terrible photographer that even I couldn't tell what they were.
So I have a close-up of just one book.
I'm feeling karmic today. So I'm going to give a prize. Just one, but I'll send it anywhere. The first person to guess the title right in the comments, will get a prize _ a piece of Kiwiana _ I have no idea what yet. Something smallish, though, because of shipping costs.
Here's the pic:


Kerry said...

I've not really got an idea, but I'm going to guess it's Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones.

Alessandra said...

It could be Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones.

Dewey said...

My copy of Mr Pip looked nothing like that. But maybe you have a different cover? Either way, that sure is a pretty book.

Maree said...

Yes, it's Mister Pip. :) E-mail me at, Kerry, for your prize. :)
Dewey, that's the cover that was released here, but I've seen a lot of others. :)

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

What a gorgeous close-up. I never would have guessed it though :)

Maree said...

Thanks. It was the only decent close-up photo I took!

Icedream said...

I wouldn't have guessed it either but you are so much better with taking photos than I am! I relied on Picasa and cropping to get my covers up and they are small! LOL

Chrisbookarama said...

Very pretty close up.