Sunday, March 14, 2010



Ana S. said...

It's official: you are my favourite vlogger :P

I love the grave he drew! And ZOMG, he read Locks! That's my favourite poem of his. The new one sounds awesome too.

And yes, the Austen book is gorgeous! Unfortunately I have two left hands too, so I wouldn't make much use of it :P

Aarti said...

I love the grave! I also feel your copy of American Gods looks huge on video, so now I am frightened that perhaps my copy is abridged. ACK.

I also like the Austen book! But like you and Ana, am not crafty (except when crafty is used as a synonym to "devious," in which yes, I certainly am).

Amused said...

What a great author signing! That makes your book look truly special!

And I agree with everyone - that Austen book looks great!

Care said...

I LOVE IT! I do. SO FUN! You seriously crack me up - in a good DELIGHTFUL fun way; keep on vlogging - I love hearing you talk. Do I need to be watching for a package? I keep finding goodies to put in the box that will be sent to you once I get those orange candy thingies....

Eva said...

Here's my running commentary on your vlog:

You crack me up w/ your 'Where do I look?'! KITTY!!!

OMG, that tomstone is SO AWESOME. I'm SO JEALOUS. lol

Ohhh-Austen! Lurve. I love being crafty, so I want Austen craft ideas!

Your little noises are so cute; I do that too. :)

I STILL haven't started Two Towers. Must do that! And your LOTR plan sounds perfect. :)

You must do many more vlogs!

chrisa511 said...

OMG Marrrrreeeeeeeeee!!!! I seriously think you should VLOG everyday :D I can't tell you how much joy I get from watching your vlogs. I makes me want to move to New Zealand and be your neighbor so we could just chat every day :)

The Neil Gaiman event sounds incredible!! Like Ana, I absolutely love Locks and am so happy that you got to hear it read aloud :) And you got American Gods!!!! It's my favorite book EVER!!!!

As for the LOTR readalong, I'm afraid that I've failed already :( I failed halfway through The Hobbit :( Oh well...maybe next year...or later this year, who knows. I just wasn't feeling them this year. I think I've just read the Hobbit TOO MANY TIMES!!! LOL...I needed something new to read.

Love you Maree :D Thanks for the wonderful vlog :D

Maree said...

Nymeth: Aw, thank you! You know who should vlog again? You should!!!
Aarti: It's a long-ish book for sure. And lol!!!
Amused: It was so great to meet him in person!
Care: ... I don't know what you're talking about! :P (omgimsososorry!)
Eva: LOL!!!! I love your commentary! <3
Chris: OMG I would totally love to be your neighbour! Patrick would love it too - lol! Aw, you didn't fail - it's a pretty loose readalong. Totally counts if you pick it up later in the year :) Love you too! <<<333 (i'll probz do another one for the readalong ...)

Memory said...

Yay, you got a tombstone!!! Awesome is most definitely the right word for Neil Gaiman.