Friday, April 9, 2010


It's time! Well, it is for me, anyway, because otherwise I'd be starting at 1am my time - lol.

I've done a vlog; I'm just waiting for my husband to work his magic to upload it; so I'll post that in a few hours.

I'm cheering too for #teamshelley so I'll be along to see some of you awesome readers a bit later on.
Right. I have a date with Howl's Moving Castle.

Later, readers and cheerleaders!


The1stdaughter said...

Yay! Way to get started early! Keep it up and I can't wait to see how things go! Happy Reading!

ErinRagan said...

Good luck and happy reading!! I'm tempted to start early w/you because I'm too wound up to sleep tonight! lol

ColleenFL said...

Good luck with the readathon. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by to cheer me on! I'm refilling my coffee cup and throwing in a load of laundry and then back to my book!