Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Under the Dome review

Under the Dome is Mr Stephen King's latest offering.

The small Maine town of Chester Mills is going about its business on a normal October day.

However, the day takes an unexpectedly strange turn when the people of Chester Mills find out that they can't leave because a giant, invisible Dome has been lowered over the town.

Some see the Dome as a trap, while others see it as an opportunity.

Under the Dome isn't my absolute favourite Stephen King novel of all time; I thought it started a little slow, and, for me, didn't really hit its stride until about halfway through, but when it gets going it really gets going, and there are few authors who can match King for his sharp characterisations.

Once Under the Dome does hit its stride, it's a speedy, shocking ride to the end, and a somewhat unpredictable outcome.

Well done, Mr King.

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