Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Gods - how's it going

I'm a terrible, terrible readalong host, and have a feeling I should never do this again - lol.

So. We're what, about ... two to three weeks into it, right?

How's it going?

How far along are you? Are you enjoying it? Have you inhaled it already? Are you finding it a struggle? What do you think of the basic concept of the story?

Of Shadow? Of Gaiman's narrative voice?

I'm something like ... 200 pages in. But I have read American Gods before, and I love it. It's such a beautifully simple idea - that when people immigrate to America, they bring their gods with them. I haven't had a chance to do what I really want to do - sit down with it for a few hours and really get stuck in - for me, American Gods isn't really a pick-up-put-down kind of book: it demands time, and attention. Hopefully this weekend I can take American Gods on a date.

So - how are you going? Thoughts? Either discuss in the comments, or leave a link to your blog post and I'll drop by.

Er. Probably. I'm a little forgetful.


Care said...

This was my first Gaiman read that was for adults and I loved it! I am so looking forward to Neverwhere but first I hope to get to Anansi Boys. I too, thought the idea clever and well done. Since I don't know abt a lot of mythology, etc, I was worried that I wouldn't get many of the references but I was fine. It was obvious that he did a ton of research but wow is NG creative!
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Maree said...

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I love the turns his mind takes. I love mythology (though I'm no expert - lol) and American Gods is just one big ... road trip into the fantastic for me. I haven' read Anansi Boys yet. :-)