Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two short reviews

Short reviews again. (Also as an aside - that might be my most favourite picture of Patrick, ever).

First up is Private by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Jack Morgan is an ex-CIA agent who owns Private, the most exclusive and possibly most expensive, PI agency in America. There's always plenty going on at the agency for Jack and his crew of talented employees. However, when Jack's best friend's wife is murdered, Jack finds himself in the middle of something completely unexpected.

I have to say, I enjoy Patterson. He's especially good for a reading slump because all of his chapters are, like, a page and a half long. I think Private was my speediest read so far. And it's a good story; it was suspenseful enough to keep me reading, and the cases were intriguing and unusual.
7/10 Someone else cooks dinner – yay!

Next is Blackwork by Monica Ferris

Blackwork is part of a Needlework mystery series, centred around Betsey Devonshire, who owns Crewel World - an embroidery store - and finds herself periodically caught up in evil doings. As you do.

Halloween is approaching, and the small town of Excelsior, but the residents are distracted when town alcoholic Ryan McMurphy is found dead in a closed room. Suspicion centres on Leona Cunninghahm, a practitioner of Wiccan. It's up to Betsey and co to find out the truth.

I like the odd cosy mystery, and I enjoy this series partly because of all the needlework references. For me, the case is secondary to that and the interactions between Betsey and her friends. It's a fun diversion though.
6/10 Leaving work 30 minutes early


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Oh, hi! Lol - I know, right? Seriously my favourite Patrick photo ever <3

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Yep, a cutie-patootey!

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