Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Monday! What are you reading?

I have, finally, started American Gods. Only something like five days late for my own readalong, but better late than never?

I've read American Gods before, and so far (70 or so pages in) it's turning out to be a very pleasant revisit. I love re-reading old favourites – it feels like I'm visiting old friends, which is why, I think, I've read Lord of the Rings so many times. Nothing like the occasional visit to Middle Earth to brighten my day (although I'm STILL stuck on The Two Towers from our readalong earlier in the year ...)

Uhm ... let's see, what else. I finished The City & The City last week, and will be co-reviewing that with Jodie at - we've already had a very interesting discussion about the book, and have decided to expand on that. :)

I'm trying to think of what else is coming up ... oh! The Enchantment of Flesh and Spirit by Storm Constantine – probably after American Gods – and then possibly Middlemarch, for Nymeth's - - readalong. Possibly.

I also still have Gone With the Wind, The Two Towers and Horns on the nightstand, although I think I'll have to re-start Horns when I come back around to it.

I'm also going to have to start a book-buying ban, because I'm getting stupidly out of hand. Books aren't cheap here, and I seem to be coming home with at least one book every week. I've started a spreadsheet, and I'm up to 70-something already – and that's basically just the books on my spare nightstand that are piling up. (It includes 12 library books, but still ...)

So I don't have anything in mind, really, except for MAREE DON'T BUY ANY MORE BOOKS FOR QUITE SOME TIME, OKAY? So I'm going to try that whole reading my own books thing.

I hope.

Happy reading!


gautami tripathy said...

I loved Amarican Godds!

Here is mine!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I've been wanting to reread Gone With the Wind. I must have read it three or four times when I was young...

Here's my Monday:

Anonymous said...

Ah, aren't book buying bans FUN? :0P I am currently combining a book buying ban with a big ole book purge. Yeah, I'm nuts. LOL

Sarah said...

GoI haven't read Gone with the Wind. I probably should! Have a great week!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

You occasionally go to Middle Earth, I occasionally go to Hogwarts. :D
I too enjoy stepping back into favorites.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I was sort of on a book-buying ban for the summer, but I broke it pretty spectacularly this past Saturday. And there's another used book sale coming up this weekend, which I am probably not going to be able to resist either. Book-buying bans are hard.

Maree said...

gautami: Me too :-)
Laurel-Rain: I've never actually read it, so I'm hoping to get back to it soon
Lavenderlines Lol - sooo much fun. You ARE nuts!
Sarah: I've never read it either :-)
Sheila: Hogwarts is good, too :-)
jennysbooks: So much temptation! Yes they are :-(

Care said...

STOP BUYING BOOKS! Unless you find at a charity sale. :) On the otherhand, you seem be buying BIG long books. I just realized that my avg page count for this year is abt 200. A bit sad, really.

Maree said...

I need to put that on a post-it and stick it to my wallet ... I've read a grand total of 17 books this year so far ... just one of the reasons I need to stop buying them - lol

joanna said...

Oh boy, the read-a-long started already??? I'm afraid I'll have to skip out this time then, have fun with the Gods! :-)

Jodie said...

I hear you on the buying ban. No more!

Maree said...

Joanna: It's ongoing for a few weeks,so you've definitely still got time to play, if you can :-)
Jody: Right? They're just so expensive, and I should read some of the books I already own - lol