Tuesday, May 17, 2011

City of Fallen Angels review

Have you noticed that no one writes trilogies any more? Every single series seems to be at least four or five books. Back in my day ... wait, never mind. Just get off my lawn.

Anyway. The Mortal Instruments series started out as a trilogy, and things were wrapped up fairly neatly _ I thought _ at the end of book three.

However, that hasn't stopped Cassandra Clare from starting a prequel series to The Mortal Instruments, and adding to the series itself with City of Fallen Angels.

I digress.

City of Fallen Angels is pretty good. I had some issues with the original trilogy but writing-wise Clare seems to have hit her stride a bit, and it's very readable. It took me a day or so, and it was partly because it was easier to just keep reading than to put it down, but part of it was definitely I wanted to know what happened next.

Clary is training to be  a Shadowhunter, she believes she has the most awesome boyfriend ever in Jace and all the things seem to be going well. Until Jace seems to withdraw from Clary, and Shadowhunters start turning up dead.

Well, you can't have everything, now, can you?

So there's fighting, and more worldbuilding, and a fair amount of explaining. (I read this a few weeks ago so forgive the sketchy review), and everything SEEMS to be all right in the end ... stay tuned.

7/10 Someone else cooks dinner – yay


Marg said...

I can't wait to read this!

Care said...

ha! I don't read series. Or if I do, I tend to never ever get to the second book.


mariel said...

Have you read the first prequel Clockwork Angel? I liked it way more than the Mortal Instruments series. Hope you do too!