Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life, and things

So it's back to work on Monday. It's been kind of strange being off like this.

I was meant to take leave, starting week after next, but instead I took this week and last week as annual leave, because I have a lot that I still need to use up.

It hasn't felt like a 'holiday' as such, because mostly it's been about recovery. Not that I feel as though I've had a lot to recover from as such _ the wonders of laprascopic surgery, I guess _ but I have been getting randomly tired in the middle of the day sometimes, which is frustrating.

The rest of me feels fine, and I have many, many painkillers left over. I tend to bounce back pretty fast, so the tiredness thing (apparently a lingering after-effect of anasthetic) is kind of frustrating. But if that's the worst I have to deal with? I'll take it.

I still can't pick Patrick up _ I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting for two weeks post-surgery and he's nearly four, so not exactly a lightweight. He's rolled with the whole thing pretty well, though, and we've both been home because kindy has been closed for the school holidays.

So we're both back into it on Monday - lol.

Reading-wise ... after my book-fest in the hospital, I've finished two books since I've been home _ Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay, which I've reviewed here, and City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare _ which is a work review book, so I need to do that review before I do this review. (That sounds strange. If they're review books from work I write two reviews _ a slightly more ... formal? one for work, and my usual fangirly/flaily/incoherent one for here).

I'm trying to get back into what I would call a 'normal' routine. Part of that is going back to work, and trying to beat down my lazy gene - lol. We'll see how that goes ...


Care said...

can't wiay to read that fangirly/flaily/ review! Glad you are feeling good, but don't deny your body telling you to rest! you aren't lazy, just recovering. #Murakami here we come.

Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

Looking forward to your review of City of Angels... I was less than impressed, but I know it's very popular everywhere.

Hope the recovery gets easier soon!

Rachel said...

Just read your last few posts. I hope you are feeling well again soon. Rest up! and happy reading.