Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finished a couple of books last week - A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin and Finder's Shore by Anna Mackenzie.

LOVED A Game of Thrones. Seriously good stuff, honestly.

I liked Finder's Shore - third book in the Sea-wreck Stranger trilogy but I always wanted those books to be a little bit longer. They're all about 220 pages each and I think the worldbuilding and backstories would have benefited from being a little bit longer.  Also all of the conflicts were resolved super-quick which made for slightly unsatisfying reading.

I enjoyed the series, I just wanted a bit more depth.

A Game of Thrones on the other hand, is nothing BUT depth and I love it. I'm not ready to take on A Clash of Kings yet - I still feel a little bit like I need to lie down in a dark room bathing my temples with lavendar - lol. There's just so much in the book - a workmate of mine called it a soap opera and it sort of is, but you know, with swords. And incest. And dragons. Which make everything better.

I met Nicky aka @stormfilled yesterday - she's touring New Zealand and having a great time. We went to Zookeepers - a local restaurant for hot chocolate and ended up there for dinner as well because we were talking so long - lol. Twas a great night.

We were going to go for coffee and bookshopping this morning, but Nicky's laundry queue at her motel had other ideas. So this afternoon we went to the local museum and art gallery, to see the tuataras, which I've blogged about before: (well, sort of). And oh ... it's been less than a year since we visited the museum - I thought it had been two! Time flies :-)

They were out in force today, because it was sunny, and it's always awesome, seeing dinosaurs in action. Well, sort of action. We roamed the museum, which has definitely undergone an upgrade since I was last there, and had coffee. Twas a good afternoon, and it was awesome meeting someone from my twitter feed in real life. :-)


Kailana said...

I finished A Game of Thrones earlier this year, but I still haven't reviewed them.

Jenny said...

Okay, I will grant you that swords and dragons make things better, but I deny incest. Incest makes everything worse.

(Except this one time in my actual soap opera, now alas defunct, when these two cousins started hooking up. That was great, and I was crushed when they killed off the girl cousin. BUT, the cousins hadn't grown up together, so it wasn't the incestiest incest ever. Not like brother-sister incest.)

Sean Wright said...

I got to the end of Clash of Kings and realised I could have read Lord of the Rings twice and been finished sooner.

It has an unending soap opera quality to it which I don't like I want be stories to have an ending :)