Monday, October 10, 2011

This is not a post ...

... I mean, it was meant to be but I don't really have anything to post about. So here, have a gratuitous picture of Patrick instead:

I'm still struck by wonder, sometimes. I mean look at him ... 

I'm reading, and I'm keeping up my Sunday night movie thing that I started a few weeks ago. I'm reading The Iliad, and The Honourable Schoolboy. I watched Centurion which is one of those EVERYBODY DIES movies, which I've decided that I hate. Urgh. Michael Fassbender was running around early Britain as a Roman soldier, being tracked by the Pict, or something. But. Everybody dies. (Except Michael Fassbender. I don't even know.)

I've made my real-life friend watch Sherlock, and we're two episodes in :-) We've started gathering at her house of a Saturday night with DVD, snacks and cross-stitching in hand. It's rather fun and after Sherlock, we're going to rewatch the first series of Downton Abbey.

Oh, hey, look it's sort of a post after all!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Patrick sure tired himself out! How cute is he?!

Marg said...

It's so tiring being a kid!

Nice non-post!