Monday, October 17, 2011



I've just sat here for the past 20 minutes not typing anything. Go me?

Um um um.

Oh!! Readathon this weekend!

Are you reading? Are you cheering? Are you saying ... what? is where you need to be for all your information. I'm cheering this year. I've tried doing both in the past and it always goes south, so I'm just cheering. Plus there's always way more readers than cheerleaders so ... I don't have a good way to end that sentence. /o\

I've hit fifty books read for the year which is some sort of milestone yes?

I watched the 2009 film of Dorian Grey last night. It was ... interesting. Unfortunately, at the crucial moment, the portrait rather reminded me of the caretaker from the Harry Potter films ...


Marg said...

I haven't decided what I am doing for readathon, if anything. Come the weekend I will probably get sucked into the readathon so I will decide then what I am doing.

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I am so looking forward to Readathon! I'll be cheering and reading, and I just posted my pile o'books on my blog today (shopping for snacks on Friday). Glad to see some fellow cheerleaders, because we are certainly needed.

Jenny said...

Okay, the Dorian Gray film was not that awesome, but admit that Ben Barnes was very, very, very handsome.