Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plagues and things

You know how you get absolutely hooked on things? And you love them so much that you want everyone you’ve ever met to get hooked on them too? But when you try and explain your deep and abiding love, they look at you and you can see the ellipses?

I’m having a moment like that with a game I downloaded called Plague, Inc. Here is the trailer. I’ll wait over there for the ellipses.

Look, it’s awesome okay? You develop your disease and you have to try and spread it against the cure. The cure is working against you the whole time, and you use DNA points to try and slow it down. And you know … uhm. Destroy humanity.

Which I guess is where the ellipses come in.

But. It’s awesome because it’s strategy. I’ve hooked one friend on it, who hates me on principal but everyone else gives me the …  …

I’m … not sure what my point was there. It got away on me just a little bit. Hrm.


Anyway. I’m off work this week. Which will be nice. It’s the school holidays so I’m going to hang out with Patrick and try and destroy the world er, play some games. It’ll be fun.

Er, I’m hoping to get some reading done as well. Maybe catch up on some IT, since I’ll be home during the day.

Possibly I’ll even go to a movie or something. I went to Looper last Thursday and it was awesome. Before that, the last movie I saw that I truly loved, was The Dark Knight Rises. Since then, it’s been a bit hit-and-miss, but Looper is fantastic. Seriously, so very, very good.

This week, if they start here on Thursday, I’m eying either Dredd or Pitch Perfect. I can’t go to both, so I’m going to have to toss a coin or something.



Catherine said...

It sounds a lot like Pandemic but with better graphics and made for tablet devices. Sadly the Android version doesn't come out for a few days more. -_-

Maree said...

D: Dammit. I haven't heard of Pandemic but I *heart* Plague Inc. I'd heart it even more if I could escape the fungus level but that's another story ...

Care said...

I vote for Pitch Perfect! or Anna Karenina? or IT!!! and I'm not going to play your game... I will stick with Sudoku.

Maree said...

Care: Heee, I'm going to Pitch Perfect tomorrow :D
;p It's awesome. I can't do sudoku - lol

Chinoiseries said...

LOL, the bf chimed in and he agrees that er, destroying humanity, can be quite fun ^___^;

I really want to see Looper, I wonder whether the transition from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Bruce Willis is believable. This is an original screenplay, isn't it? And not (once again) based on a Philip K. Dick story?

Dredd's supposed to really good (as opposed to the previous Judge Dredd's movie with Stallone and *gasp* Sandra Bullock), so I'd vote for that one ;)

Maree said...

Heeee!! It's SO much fun! :D

Looper was great! I didn't see where it was based on anything else, so I'd say yes, an original screenplay. I thought I'd have trouble too but the transition from JGL to Willis was actually believable.

I went with Pitch Perfect, because Dredd is only in 3D and I can't watch 3D :-(