Friday, April 25, 2014

Readathon and health thingies

*\o/* I've been derailed this week by health issues, more on that further down.

First up, it's readathon weekend again!

I'm just cheering this time around, and I'm just waiting to hear back about my team - I've been next to useless all week, so I'm trying to gain back some ground.

Now, what follows will be TMI for some, but I need to vent - lol.

I have had the period of doom for the past 16 days. It's been at least twice as long as any period I've ever had and consistently heavy. The one bright side is that I haven't really been in pain. And I know there are women out there who suffer far, far worse than me every month, but I've always been super-regular and extremely predictable, so this has thrown me.

And with Easter and Anzac Day happening all at once, I couldn't get in to see the doctor until Wednesday. That, and I kept hoping it would stop on its own. (spoiler: it didn't).

So the doc believes I have fibroids, and gave me pills that allegedly slow/stop the bleeding. They've sort of worked. It hasn't stopped and it's sort-of slowed down a little bit.

I had blood tests on Thursday and the doc did a smear, and I'm booked in for an ultrasound at the hospital. The doc - who was lovely and patient and accommodated my weirdness (I can't lie flat on my back without getting panicky) said she wasn't worried that it was anything that needed urgent attention, because going through the hospital for ultrasounds can take a while, and I have to go for a follow-up next week.

So for now I'm just waiting, spending  what feels like all of my money on ladies' sanitary items, trying not to throw myself off a building, and trying not to snap at J and Spawn because mood swings.

And, like I say, I realise that other people have it far worse than I do, but it's my little corner and therefore I will whinge about the endless period of doom. At this point, I may walk into the doctor's office and just shout JUST TAKE IT ALL OUT I'M NOT HAVING ANY MORE KIDS TAKE IT ALLLLLLLLL.


Anyway. See you at the readathon. I'll be cheering on twitter and visiting some blogs also. :-)


Anonymous said...

POOR YOU. That sounds awful and POOR POOR YOU is what I say. I hope the doctors figure it out soon (or that it comes to a natural and long-overdue end soon).

Jodie said...

:( The standard issue is bad enough, who needs more. Hope it's sorted out soon.