Monday, April 7, 2014


 It's getting near that time again, and if you're going "huh" then go
here: and poke around.

Have a look here: at the history, and then go back to the first page and sign up. Or, you know, sign up as a cheerleader, cheerleaders are awesome.

I always fail out as a reader, so I'm going back to my readathon roots with cheerleading. Every year there seems to be more and more readers signing up, which is great and I know Dewey would have got a kick out of that, but cheerleading is important too, and I think last year there were something like 38 cheerleaders to nearly 400 readers. (Four hundred readers. There were less than 40 when this started. That blows my mind.)

So. Anyway. This April's readathon is on April 26 and I will be shaking out my virtual pompoms once again. Join me!



Ana S. said...

yay! I'm going to be able to take part again for the first time in ages - as a reader this time, since it's been ages since I got to do just that. But HOORAY for cheerleaders - you guys are the best :D

Maree said...

Ana!!! Yay yay!! :D :D I'll be sure to drop by your blog :-)

Marie Holm said...

Hi! I'm Marie from Denmark and came across your blog after Googlin' The Readathon. I just signed up for the first time as a reader and am looking forward to trying it out. :-)

Maree said...

Marie: That's great!!!! You'll have a blast! :D :D