Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Monday

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It's been a couple of weeks since I did one of these, because for a couple of weeks I was basically reading the same books - lol.

Since then, I've managed to do a fair bit, I think.

I finished Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik, A Storm of Swords Part 1: Steel and Snow by G R R Martin, Adaptation by Malinda Lo, and While We Run by Karen Healey.

I have to say, I really enjoyed all of them.

Next up was going to be part 2 of A Storm of Swords, but Gabriel Garcia Marquez died, and so I'm reading One Hundred Years of Solitude for the fourth time.

What are you reading?


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Those are big books that you have finished!

Here is my It's Monday!

shelleyrae @ book'd out said...

I've been meaning to read One a Hundred Years of Solitude.

Have a great week!
Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

Kathy Martin said...

I read the first few of Novik's books but then lost steam and the rest are sitting on my TBR mountain. I have been curious about Adaptation. Come see what I read last week. Happy reading!

Greg said...

I've had the same problem- been stuck on the same books for a couple of weeks. Sounds like you have some great books you finished- I'm fond of Storm of swords.

Vasilly said...

I've only read Marquez's short stories but not his novels yet. I hope you have a good week. Happy reading.

Anonymous said...

Is Victory of Eagles the most recent one? I loved the first Naomi Novik book and didn't enjoy any of the others nearly as much -- but maybe I just needed a break. I keep meaning to go back and finish the series.

Maree said...

Deb: I had a bit of a streak! Thanks :-)

Shelley: It's a great, great book.

Kath: They do go up and down for me, but I've enjoyed the last two I've read a lot. Adaptatio was great.

Greg: A Storm of Swords is great, yes. Will hopefuly pick up part 2 soon :-)

Vasilly: You too :-)

Jenny: No, there's two or three after it, I think. I have up to the next one, the title of which eludes me right now.