Sunday, March 1, 2015

This can only end badly

Jill over at is hosting a Pet Semetary readalong.

Details are here:

I saw the chatter on twitter in passing and thought "hmmmm another readalong. I'm already behind on Harry Potter. I started Pet Semetary once before and didn't finish it .... LET'S DO IT."

This despite the fact that I nope'd out of watching Penny Dreadful when one of the characters snapped a cat's neck to feed a vampire. I mean, I know it wasn't REAL but. Still. I have my limits.

I'm hoping that Pet Semetary is more .... zombie animals rising up and less .... animal torture. Plus, I do love Stephen King. And I DO own the book ... these are terrible reasons but they're also MY reasons so.

I'm, er, I'm in.


Ana S. said...

Eep. Penny Dreadful was on my list, but suddenly I'm not so sure if I can handle it.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! We can get through this, together.

Maree said...

Ana: It was going great for me till that moment. So give it a shot, but buyer beware? D:

Care: Yes!!!