Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Slow but steady

Not a lot of reading time lately, for some reason. Plus I accidentally seem to have four or five books on the go; so I either need to organise them, or streamline.

I haven't picked Rebecca up for a few days, but once I get myself organised I'll get back on track. I find with everything else that's going on, I get more reading done if I make a bit of a schedule of it and list what I"m going to read and when. It sounds odd, I suppose, but I have so many books! I have review books for work, library books, and a housefull as well.

For a while I was randomly reading, but I"m not getting anything finished; I'm stuck in mid-way limbo.

I have variations rattling around in my head, so I need to get what I want to do "on paper" so it can leave me alone! I've been picking away at Antony and Cleopatra in the mornings, when I go for a sleep after breakfast, so let's call that "review book slot." That covers about four mornings a week; so not too bad. Then I try and read after work. Sometimes. But I get home after 11.30pm usually and sometimes I'm just too tired! On the other hand, I find reading after work relaxing. What I should stop doing, is surfing the net after work. Where do I think it's going to go? Which didn't happen last night. The Survivor final was on here and I watched that after work instead!

I"m not really sure what the answer is yet. I need to mull for a bit.

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