Thursday, February 7, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

Okay, even I can’t read ALL the time, so I’m guessing that you folks might voluntarily shut the covers from time to time as well… What else do you do with your leisure to pass the time? Walk the dog? Knit? Run marathons? Construct grandfather clocks? Collect eggshells?

Ah ... the life outside books! Let me answer this with a series of pictures:

This is the biggest thing that keeps me away from books, and has done away with lazy Saturday afternoons, alternately dozing and reading: my son, Patrick.
Who came into the world looking like this:

(he's in his father's hands there)

And who, at nearly nine months old is full of mischief and energy, and looks like this:

I went in to get him up from a nap, and found him like this - at the wrong end of the cot and turned completely around!

Then there are the cats. There are 10 of them ....

In this photo, left to right, we have Misty, Sam, Chloe and Casper

This is Merlin and Scout


Piper, guarding the DVD remote


........ and JD

I also cross stitch:

And I watch far too much TV. But that's okay, because I write a TV column for the local paper. Oh, and I love movies. And puzzles occasionally, but not right now - see: baby. And ... um ... lots of things. Surfing the net, which I also do to much. My husband says that's the only time I'm still. Heh.
Happy Thursday!


gautami tripathy said...

Patrick is a full time job! How do you cope with the 10 cats?

I am impressed!

Anonymous said...

Patrick looks like a marvelous little fellow! And wowie, ten cats -- they are all precious. I have four, myself! :)

Happy BTT!

Maree said...

Thanks! :) Patrick is a great wee boy; very happy, and yes, very full-on!
The good thing with cats is that they're pretty self-sufficient. We feed them and fuss them when necessary, and the rest of the time they're sleeping, or picking fights with each other. It helps that we have a BIG backyard!

karen! said...

This week's BTT question was really fun. It's interesting to see what everyone likes doing with the rest of their free time.

10 cats! How lovely. We have two and hubby will not let me near our new Petsmart, which has a dedicated area for rescue cats that need homes, because I'm always trying to convince him we should bring them home with us. Just wait until we move and have more territory... :)

Maree said...

I'm not allowed to go to the local pet store either ... I have a weakness for kittens.

Rhinoa said...

Loving the cats and the cross stitch. We have a Merlin cat too, but ours is all black and massive.

Maree said...

Heh. I named him because of the distinctive tabby "M" on his forehead. :)