Monday, November 24, 2008

The Reading Week

My reading is completely up the spout this week, because of Stephen King.
I got Just After Sunset from the library on Saturday and pretty much abandoned all my other reading plans.
Here's the thing, though: the stories are just ... okay. And yet, I can't stop reading it, because no matter what, Mr King knows how to tell a story. He's has definitely written better short story collections and I plan to go back, starting with Night Shift, and re-read them (oh, the things I do ...).
Anyway, I had planned to start Helen of Troy by Margaret George but Mr King put paid to that.
And I also have A Guide to the Birds of East Africa by Nicholas Drayson on the boil but once again it's on the backburner.
I'm still picking away at Love in the Time of Cholera but I read before going to sleep and that book makes me sleeeeeeeeepy. Not because it's bad, it's not; it's lovely. It's just that's it's very languid and slow-moving _ in the best possible way.
I need to get Just After Sunset out of my system first, I think.

I finished Oxford Exit by Veronica Stallwood last week, which was okay. Not great, not bad, but okay. I kept getting confused about what the main character was actually doing, but it was well-written enough to finish.

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