Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weeky Geeks 23 ...

... question the first (I hope) ...

I'm rewinding and replaying WG 12, where we asked each other questions about what we were reading.

I've most recently finished The Graveyard Book and The Sky Village.

My first question is about The Graveyard Book and comes from who asked me:

I've heard great things about The Graveyard Book and Neil Gaiman in general, but the idea of a boy raised in a graveyard by dead people just does not appeal. Should I read it anyway? How much of a creepiness factor is there?

Yes. Yes you should read it. Tomorrow. Absolutely.

Um ... ahem. Actually it's not that creepy, or I didn't think so. There are a couple of things that send shivers, like the chapter on the ghouls for example, and of course, the man Jack (every man Jack), but there has to be a villain and it's very well done here _ scary and creepy for sure but so well-written that you sort of ... forget to be scared.
But otherwise ... h'm. This is going to sound strange, but somehow Neil Gaiman manages to make the graveyard sound comforting. It's basically Bod's haven as he grows up and that's the sense I got from it.

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Ali said...

Thanks for the great answer. A weirdly comforting graveyard--I was kind of hoping to hear something like that. :-)