Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday wants

Wednesday Wants!!!
This is for Dewey's Books Challenge. You can read the details here:
Last year, based on Dewey's book coveting posts, I started my own Wednesday Wants posts, picking up on books I had seen here and there, that I wanted to read.
I haven't done one for aaaaaaaaaages, but now seems like a good time.
It's Wednesday, for one thing.
So what books are close to my heart at the moment, if not to my fingertips?
Hmmmmmmm ….

Thanks to Carl at and his Once Upon a Time challenge, I've been reading more fantasy lately, and wondering why I left so much of it behind me. Well, I sort of do (pale, mysoginistic and tired quest fantasies that became popular when I was a teen), but the genre has opened up so much, there truly is something for everyone.

My go-to for new stuff is still and there are a couple of books on the front page that look fairly outstanding:

Worst Nightmares by Shane Briant: looks good, and spooky.

AND! This is the one I'm most looking forward to getting my sticky fingers on:

BoneMan's Daughter by Ted Dekker:

I LOVED The Circle Trilogy, and House.

So, for 2009, my first Wednesday Wants.

Thanks Dewey :)


Ana S. said...

I couldn't agree more about fantasy. That's why it drives me crazy when people are all like "ewww, how can you read those sexist/racist/violent Tolkien rip-offs?" That is NOT what I read!

Sue Jackson said...

I like Wednesday Wants - great idea!

My list of want-to-reads is many, many pages long, and I never seem to make much of a dent in it because there are always new ones to consider!

My older son is a huge fan of fantasy. I've read some middle-grade and YA fantasy novels but not much in the grown-up realm.