Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekly Geeks

We're talking bookmarks this week, Geeks. Description here: :)
I can't really say I have a collection. I keep coming across old ones that I don't remember buying, and I have more than one with cat-teeth marks. The nicest one I have is the one I got from Jessi at which you can see on this post:
It's the lovely green leather one. And … I can't find it :( I know it's here, and I'm hoping it's hiding in a book, but I'm gutted that I can't find it because it's the nicest one I have _ it's lovely and long, too.
Otherwise I have some battered veterans of many books, and failing that, scraps of paper, or envelopes. Sometimes I even go commando, and don't use a bookmark at all _which is a bad idea by the way _ and just vaguely try and remember the page number I was up to.
The weird thing is, with only having a motley crew like that, I love bookmarks. I look at them in bookshops all the time, but for some reason it never occurs to me to like, you know, BUY one!
Happy Weekly Geeks!


Hagelrat said...

lol, I don't tend to buy them either, they are mostly gifts.

Nymeth said...

I have the opposite problem: it ALWAYS occurs to me to buy one, even when I already have dozens and dozens :P

Anonymous said...

OMG you are too funny. commando!? I think people who can remember what page they are on are just too strange. I am a whatever is handy bookmarker but sometimes I use really cool ones. I love when someone sends me a book and then includes a bookmark, too. very sweet idea - I never think of it until the pkg is all wrapped.

susan said...

I laughed,too, at your commando comment. A swap would be fun, but if we don't have one, I'd happily send you a few. I enjoy making them. Thanks for coming by.

claire said...

I'm so like you in that I always love looking at them but never think to buy one. My bookmarks are all free. :D

Hagelrat said...

yup, if the swap doesn't come off, let me know your details and i'll send you something too.

Anonymous said...

lol @ the 'commando' bit.

Personally, I don't like buying bookmarks for myself as they're stupidly expensive. Some bookmarks here cost as much as a used book!

As for vaguely recalling page numbers - yup, do that, and it's one of the most exasperating things in the world when you can't find the page you stopped at! Sometimes, I just try to stop at a chapter - at least that's marginally easier to remember.

pussreboots said...

My husband goes commando with his books. I don't know how he can remember what page he's on. I'm absolutely hopeless in that regard and must mark my spot with something.

Kerrie said...

I like the idea of "battered veterans" - I have a few of those. Isn't peculiar that we almost never throw a bookmark away?

gautami tripathy said...

I have never bought a bokmark for myself. I did buy one for my brother though once. He still has it.

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