Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekly Geeks

A guest-post from the always awesome Care at
The full explanation, as always, is here:
Answers in order:
1) Hmmm … I don't really have a review format. I tend to just go with whatever the book makes me feel when I've finished it _ I said that I wanted to keep The Graveyard Book as a pet, and carry it with me everywhere, which isn't really helpful.
But it's true!!!
2) I keep saying that I'd like to start up some kind of ratings system, but I don't know what. Every time I think about it, I draw a blank. I have vague notions of doing something related to cats, or even haiku, as the Twilight ones were so much fun, but that might be too much brain strain.
3) I really admire the way Joanne at structures her book reviews. They're thoughtful, insightful, and eye-catching, with the covers. :)
A past review … hang on …. mine are a bit all over the place. Some are properly structured and all that jazz and some are just my immediate reactions. I'll try and find a proper one …
Okay, I think this is my most coherent one:


Kerrie said...

I think we all add a touch of individuality to our reviews Maree which is what makes them so interesting to read.

Bybee said...

I tried to do a ratings system back in 1993, and it was a mess. Ever since then, I just try to discuss the book.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! wonderful! I always second guess my ratings and even allow them to change in my head over time - I don't go back and re-rate but some books get better in memory.

PS - I don't have the 'power' to do the Mr. Linky thing on the geekpost but I hope it will be added soon so we can get you on the list. Or is it making everyone work harder to find us all?!

Anonymous said...

You're right. The structure of the Bookzombie is awesome. Very comfortable to read. But way too structured for me to re-create, LOL. I'm just wittering on about the book, as a rule....

SariJ said...

I am with you. I do not have a rating system (yet) as sometimes I find a book is so so, yet there is something about it I liked. It is tough figuring out how to rate certain books.
I try to get a feel of the book then review from there. A system would be really helpful, maybe this is my week to figure one out.
Love your blog too!

gautami tripathy said...

I rarely ever rate my books. And I don't have fixed policies for reviewing. I go along reviewing as I deem fit.

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Confuzzled Shannon said...

I want to read the Graveyard Book badly.

My review are kind of short and sloppy. I like to think I am getting better though. I am trying to work harder with them but sometimes even if it a book I like I just want to " Yeah i liked it" Then I can't think of anything else to say.

susan said...

You are hoot and I like that you're all over the place. Reading your response I feel like I've found a kindred spirit. So will be at theater on Friday for Star Trek? My guy is beside himself. lol

Maree said...

Thanks everyone.
Susan: I'm going tonight (Monday)