Saturday, March 31, 2012


It seems to come around faster and faster each time doesn’t it?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, hie ye to here: and all your questions will be answered. And if you feel inspired to sign up, well don’t let me stop you :D

Readathon attracts more and more readers every turn which is fantastic. I considered being a reader this year but that never works out well for me, so I signed up again as a cheerleader because the readathon always needs cheerleaders and it’s fun.

Inevitably, as soon as I sign up, I completely forget how many hours I’ve signed up for but I try to get around everyone on my list at least once. I also buy an inordinate amount of food and do a vlog.

These are my readathon traditions – cheering and eating – lol.

This is a short post because I want it to be all readathon all the time. I’ll be back with my usual nonsensical ramblings later. J

*May the books be ever in your favour*

*May the books be with you*

*We're going to need a bigger book*

*Frankly my dear, I don’t give a book*

*We’re on a mission from book*

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Been a few weeks hasn’t it? Hrm.

I haven’t been doing anything out of the ordinary that I can think of …

Let’s see. What in-the-ordinary things have I been doing?

Well, reading, obviously, although I’ve only finished a couple of books lately and I’m not feeling the reviewing mojo at the moment.

I read 11-22-63 by Stephen King which, for me, wasn’t up there with his best. It was readable and the premise was interesting but I found it very easy to put down and walk away.

I also read Engines of God by Jack McDevitt – I seem to be entering a sci-fi reading phase which happens once in a while. It’s the first in a series of books featuring pilot Priscilla Hutchinson (Hutch) and I really loved the premise, which was about finding alien artefacts on long-abandoned worlds and what responsibility do human beings have to long-lost alien cultures?

I really enjoyed that one and I have the second one in the series out of the library.

What else.

Patrick is enrolled in school. Which is a huge shock to my system and he’s not even starting officially until May – lol. He’s having school visits twice a week from now until then, though, which I actually think is a really good idea. He’ll get to know his little classmates and it won’t be such a shock to the system.

His first one is meant to be Tuesday but he’s got an ear infection at the moment that seems to be coming and going so we’re keeping him home tomorrow and Tuesday and taking him to the doctors as early as we can get him in. I’m probably being over-protective but that’s how it is. I’m the mum, therefore what I say goes. :P

I saw Midnight in Paris at the movies on Thursday and oh my gosh what a lovely movie! Even before it had finished I knew it had to be mine because as soon as it was over I wanted to start watching it again – lol. By virtue of Invercargill being a large cultural wasteland, it’s already out on DVD and therefore it is MINE ALL MINE.

I’m working – slowly but surely – on my room; turning it into a kind of escape from the boys/cats where I can just come and kick back and read. It’s getting there, but I have a couple of corners that still need to be cleared out. I cleaned off my dressing table and I now have only seven things on there so my brain is going “hmmmm … minimalism” (that’s very minimalistic for me. I have crap everywhere).

I’m musing on whether I can pare everything down and just have three bookcases – two for books and one for DVDs/cross-stitch stuff/sundries. I’d really really like that but it means getting rid of a fuck-ton of books.

My cross-stitch rotation is going well although I haven’t done much lately – mostly lately at night I’ve been mooching on twitter and watching crap TV. They both have their place but you can overdo it and I do believe I have.  I have Stuff To Do.

I started Clash of Kings and I’m loving it – just waiting for the body count to start tallying up. It can’t be long now – I’m already about 100 pages in. I’m still picking away at Bleak House on my eReader and it’s still fascinating, even though I truly have no idea what’s happening. I’m also about to start Taken by Robert Crais – it’s a review book for work so that’ll become my lunchtime read. 

I do believe that’s all I have. How’s it hanging, blog-world? :D