Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lord of the Rings readalong: The Return of the King

Well here we are - it's beginning of the end of the journey. I hope you all have enjoyed taking it with us _ I know we've enjoyed the ride too! Thank you so much Eva, Teresa and Omnivore - this is so much fun!

(I slightly suck at html and linkages. If you go here: you'll see the other wonderful bloggers I've been sharing this journey with <3)
(and I know - that's horribly, horribly lazy as well. I'm writing this at 2.30am so I don't forget - lol)
I'm still on The Two Towers, but that doesn't mean I can't post my ROTK questions for those of you who are further ahead than me.
So - here goes:
1) We're coming to the end of the quest. Where are you in your reading?
2) Have you read LOTR before? If so, what are you anticipating most re-reading in ROTK? (er ... try to avoid spoilers, although I suppose that question makes that a bit tricky)
3) If you're new to Middle Earth ... how has the experience been for you so far?
4) Who's your favourite character in ROTK?
5) Favourite scene?
6) How do you feel about the overall series now that we're getting near the end?'
7) Have you seen the movies? Have they coloured your reading of ROTK?
8) Does reading the books make you want to watch the movies, or run screaming in the other direction?
Okay. Check back mid-April - there'll be more :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Two Towers

  • Where are you in the trilogy right now? I'm soooo far behind! Just about to start The Two Towers. What do you think of the books so far? Always love LOTR! :D
  • What’s your past experience with The Two Towers? If you’re rereading, how does it stack up against the other two books? I always tend to read LOTR in one go, so I've never really separated out the books. Having said that my favourite is always ROTK.
  • If you’re a first-time reader, what big questions do you have at this point? What are you hoping to see Tolkien deal with in The Two Towers? If you’re a rereader, what are you most looking forward to? Revisiting my favourite literary characters :)
  • What about the movie? If you’ve seen it, what did you think of it, and how much do you think it will color your experience with the book? I love the movies, but they never colour my reading. In my head they're very different things.

  • I MUST remember to do my ROTK post!

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    Fellowship of the Ring extremely late wrap-up post

    I am super-late with this, and I think I missed the mid-month questions, but will forge ahead here with the last lot of FOTR questions posed by

    1. Since we’re dealing with a third of a novel, instead of the first novel in a series, do you find anything different? I never thought about it to be honest. The story broke in a natural place, and picks up naturally in The Two Towers.

    2. Do Books One and Two have significant differences to you? None that I can think of, no.

    3. Who’s your favorite character so far into the novel? Oh ... it's a tie for me, between Sam and Legolas. We named one of our cats after Sam, but Legolas was my first literary crush at the tender age of 14.

    4. What surprised you the most? What always surprises me is how I always find new little gems in the re-reads. No matter how many times I revisit Middle Earth, there's always something new to discover. This time around, I'm mourning the passing of Lorien as the elves leave. And I've read it so many times before, but for some reason that's what's sticking with me.

    5. What was your favorite scene? Hmmmm .... HMMMMM ... I'm not sure. Oh! Rivendell. Rivendell is always my favourite and I know it's not a scene, but the whole interlude at Rivendell, I love.

    On to The Two Towers! :D

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    Once Upon a Time

    Well, my resolve not to join any challenges this year didn't last long. Carl at is once again hosting the Once Upon a Time challenge, and it's beyond my control to resist.

    I'm keeping it simple, though, and just taking the journey; leaving my reading open. Oh, and Short Story Weekends.

    Come play along, right here ...

    of course there's still the LOTR readalong. And the graphic novel challenge. oops

    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    Weekly Geeks

    Gosh, I haven't done a Weekly Geeks in a while! I feel as though I've fallen off blogger a little bit lately, and I do apologise for that.

    I'm not reading very much either, but I'm hoping to change that over the next two and a half weeks that I have off work.

    What were we talking about? Oh! Weekly Geeks! The question, as always, is here: and we're talking about our favourite authors.

    I always go a bit blank when asked this question, but overall my favourite authors are Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Agatha Christie, Stephen King ... and there's a bunch that I'm forgetting; that I know I will remember as soon as I post this.

    What I go for _ always _ is story. If someone can tell me a good story, then I'm basically theirs for life. And those four authors can tell a hell of a story.

    As always, Weekly Geeks (and gosh, it's fun to play in the sandbox again!) live long and prosper!