Saturday, June 30, 2012

So I've been thinking ...

… about this whole blogging thing. I decided to take  a break from it for the month of June, think about what I wanted to do, and I seem to have reached a decision.

Er, of sorts.

Mostly what I’ve decided is to stop doing reviews on here. It’s a time-consuming thing that I wasn’t enjoying, and I have so many other calls on my time that it really wasn’t a hard decision to make.

However, that led me to wonder whether I should give the blog away completely, given that I started it to be a books blog, of sorts. But the thing is, I like blogging. I like the people I’ve met through it, I like talking about books, and things on it … so in the end I decided to keep it, and just sort of … change direction a  little bit.

I like talking. Which will come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever met me – lol. So that’s what this blog will be. Me, talking. About – hopefully – lots of different things.

Books, of course. Cats, yes. Patrick sometimes. Work occasionally, maybe, though I’m not big on talking about work online. Movies, TV … things that I love and get excited about.

Also, while I’m making changes, I’ve set up another tumblr (because I forgot the name of the old one – lol) – it’s here: it’s mostly for photos – it’s replacing my days mean more blog which I am quietly retiring.

I’m starting with Photo a Day for July,  that I ganked from Chris at and here’s July’s list at the source: and I’m still half-assing with the whole Project 365 thing, which is why I started Days Mean More (the blog) in the first place. It’ll just be on tumblr now.

So. Yeah. I’m letting the reviewing go (I was only ever a half-assed reviewer any way) but holding on to the blog, and to the things that I truly love – Patrick, cats, movies, TV, books – and all of you all. :D