Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Horribly late ...

... I got distracted yesterday by The Avengers, which was awesome. Seriously, seriously awesome and you should all go and see it.

Anyway, yesterday was Anzac Day, and Marg of and I took a light-hearted look at what it all means:

Better late than never, right?

Also, go and see The Avengers. :D

Friday, April 20, 2012

The non-vlog readathon food porn post

Normally about this time, I assemble much random food and do a vlog, because it’s readathon and it’s my own little tradition.

However, this year, the whole thing snuck up on me a bit so instead of my face and voice, you just get a picture of the food ;p.

We have the usual – potato chips (the besssst potato chips ever but you can only get them here so good and crunchy and tasty om nom), dip, crackers … cheeeeese.

Okay I have to background/talk about the cheese for a moment.

Every Friday, the people in my part of the office (we’re not all in the same department) have what we’ve come to call cheesy Friday. Every Friday, someone brings in cheese, crackers, relish, etc. We all take turns and it’s good times.

So, in the spirit of cheesy Friday, I have brie (we always have a brie or a camembert – lol) and a reallllly tasty cheese called Port Nicholson which is a smoky cheese that we’ve had a couple of times and is really good, so I bought it for readathon.

The usual token grapes are there, and there’s also M&Ms, chocolate biscuits and coke, which I forgot to get out of the fridge – lol.

I’m just cheering again, which is always fun. I’m on #teamfalstaff this time around.

Be kind to your cheerleaders – turn off word verification, and read like the wind!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Look it's a post!

Ahhhhhhhh I’m on holiday for two weeks. Hooray.

Next week is the second week of the school holidays and then when Patrick is back at kindy/school I have another week off.

I have no plans at all for next week because I imagine that my time will largely be taken up with entertaining a certain nearly five year old. Hence the week off after he goes back to kindy/school – lol.

For THAT week I have plans. Nothing extravagant – they mostly revolve around reading, getting some stitching done and catching up on some shows. My poor MySky harddrive is nearly full and Game of Thrones Season 2 starts here on Monday.

I have a feeling something may have to give before then.

We took Patrick out to the beach last Sunday, for an outing. The beach here has no shelter but it’s only about 10 minutes’ drive from town so it’s handy.

He got all up in the sand dunes and had a great time.

It was so windy, though, that sand got everywhere. There were so many seabirds on the shore – gulls mostly but some … oystercatchers I think? The wind had obviously blown in some delicious treats. :D

I got a few photos but no good ones of Patrick because he was so busy running here, there and everywhere.

I’ve been reading but slowly, because I’m mired in A Clash of Kings. Not mired in a bad way but it’s LONG and the print is teeny-tiny.

The last book I finished was Iron Council and Jodie of and I will be doing another co-review. We’re still word-vomiting our feelings  at the moment so the review itself is a little while away.

What else. Oh! Book Depository!  My last Book Depository order finally came and I am now the proud owner of The World of Jeeves which is basically an omnibus of short stories. I’ve read it many, many times because I used to get it out of the library all the time but I don’t think my library has a copy any more and so I decided I needed one of my very own.

It’s good for in-between reading. And a joy to behold. J

I finished season 2 of Luther this week and much like Sherlock, now I’m hanging out and waiting for season 3. There HAS to be a season 3, right? My only complaint is I wish the season was a bit longer. Season 2 was four hour-long episodes and it really just wasn’t enough.

My library has a very eclectic range of movies and TV shows on DVD, so I’m poking at those. I rented Captain America (the only pre-Avengers movie I haven’t seen) and season 3 of Supernatural  this week. See how I go – lol.

H’m I should do some book reviews or something or I’m going to have to change the name of this blog to just add …. Anything.

But I’m not feeling the review mojo at the moment, so you’re stuck with me rambling. Sorry about that.

And readathon is next weekend! That’s come around so fast!

Who’s in?