Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekly Geeks

I totally spaced on last week's Weekly Geeks. But I'm back for this one.
I'm hoping to make this ... not so easy (heh)
Monday marks the start of New Zealand Book Month, so I'm going with a Kiwi theme.
Originally I had several books but I"m such a terrible photographer that even I couldn't tell what they were.
So I have a close-up of just one book.
I'm feeling karmic today. So I'm going to give a prize. Just one, but I'll send it anywhere. The first person to guess the title right in the comments, will get a prize _ a piece of Kiwiana _ I have no idea what yet. Something smallish, though, because of shipping costs.
Here's the pic:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Nobody wins a war

So I kept my job. But I just feel sad, and sick at the same time. There's nothing ''happy'' about a giant company letting go 5 percent of its workforce _ and they're not done yet.

I suppose I'm grateful. I can still feed, clothe and house my family, which is a good thing. I just won't be putting on any party hats any time soon.

Reading ... I haven't been reading much. I'm reading Sail, by James Patterson, because his books are relatively easy to get through. And we're off to the library today. I was going to try and finish Space this weekend, but I don't know whether I will. I completely stalled on The Once and Future King partway through The Ill-made Knight. I just ... couldn't read anymore for some reason, so I'm taking a break from it.

Patrick is now standing, and pulling himself up on things _ like my computer desk, which is in the living room. My mouse with its shiny red bottom is just toooooooo tempting.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Sourcery by Terry Pratchett

I'm working my way through the Discworld novels in the order that they have been published. I've just finished Sourcery and I'm looking forward to getting the next one.

The more I read of the Discworld, the more I like it. I enjoyed the first couple, then Pratchett really hit his stride, stretched his legs and went to town. Each one that I read becomes my new favourite, and now Sourcery occupies that territory.

Coin is the eighth son of an eighth son from a family of wizards. He's magic squared: a sourcerer. And when he arrives at the Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork, Things start to happen.

Mostly bad things. The wizards _ who had been used to a quiet existence, suddenly find their world turned upside down _ quite literally as Coin and his mysterious staff enter the university.

That most excellent _ and chronically cowardly wizard ( or ''wizzard'' as it says on his hat) Rincewind is right in the thick of this one and things start to go south pretty quickly once he meets up with Nijel, the would-be barbarian and Conina, daughter of actual barbarian, Cohen.

The more I read of Pratchett, the more I want to read. I'd be as happy as a cat in a mouse factory if I could spend a few months with nothing but the Discworld novels for company.

I was particularly pleased that the Librarian _ up until now just a support player _ took a more major role in things, as his beloved magic books were threatened.

Just plain funny. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The reading week .... again

Well, I finished Sourcery on Saturday, so my one and only prediction for last week came true.
I'm trying to be organised about my reading, because otherwise, I wouldn't be reading anything as I get sucked into the Black Hole of the internets in what spare time I do have.

So I'm continuing to fight the good fight, as it were. I'm aiming to have three books on the go at once, in a kind of rolling rotation. I suppose it sounds a bit .... joyless, but to me, it would be even more joyless to find I hadn't made any time for reading at all. So being in control of it, makes me relax a little bit and yes, enjoy. It also means that, in the times Patrick's having a nap, or after work, there's always a book to reach for _ and that can only be good. :)
I still have Space and The Once and Future King on the go, and later this week I'll add another one in. Ah .... booking goodness. :p

Sourcery review coming later.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The reading week

My reading has been scattered and all over the place lately, so I'm working on getting it back into some kind of order. If I don't, I don't read, it's that simple.

So here are the three books I have on the go at the moment. By the end of the week, I hope I'll have at least one finished: :)
Probably not Space, but hopefully Sourcery.

Weekly Geeks 13

This week’s theme is a sort of meme. (Hey, I rhymed!) Your basic challenge is to post author photos.
Using the meme-like list below, post photos of authors in response. Please feel free to skip any you don’t like. You’re also free (encouraged!) to add your own, but if you do that, please be sure to indicate which are yours, so that people can credit you if they use yours.
But don’t put words/names with your photos. Ask your readers to guess your answers! If you have a book to give away, you may want to offer a prize, maybe draw a name from those readers who guess correctly.
1. Photos of your favorite author(s).

2. Photo(s) of the author(s) of the book(s) you’re currently reading.

3. Photo(s) of any author(s) you’ve met in person (even very briefly).

4. A youtube of (an) author(s) you’ve heard speak.

5. Any photo(s) you may have of yourself with an author.

6. A photo of the author of the book you’ve most recently finished.

7. Photos of the hottest author(s)!

When you’ve finished your post, please come back and sign Mr Linky so other Weekly Geeks can find you to visit and guess your answers.

Okay. The favourite authors one is the easiest:

Authors I'm currently reading:

The only author I've ever met in person is this one: (living at the bottom of the world means we don't get a lot of book signings or chances to meet writers).

And there aren't any YouTube videos of him that I can find. I also don't have any photos of myself with him .... or any author.

The book I most recently finished was written by:

Hottest author .... no idea!!!

Fun! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back to basics

My reading is askew. I can tell, because I'm picking up random books, reading a bit and wandering off. And I'm reading Agatha Christies, which I always do when my reading is off.

I'm going to abandon the challenges, I think. I"m getting bogged down and I really just started this blog to keep track of what I'm reading and how much I get through this year.
So it's back to basics. Although I'll keep doing the Weekly Geeks, I think. I like the Weekly Geeks. :)

August's classic is supposed to be The Picture of Dorian Grey, but that's not going to happen. What I am going to do is finish The Once and Future King (June) and Space (July) then pick it up again with A Moveable Feast in September. Then I'll at least be caught up with my own personal challenge.

Ah. Breathing again. :)