Friday, August 29, 2008

Nobody wins a war

So I kept my job. But I just feel sad, and sick at the same time. There's nothing ''happy'' about a giant company letting go 5 percent of its workforce _ and they're not done yet.

I suppose I'm grateful. I can still feed, clothe and house my family, which is a good thing. I just won't be putting on any party hats any time soon.

Reading ... I haven't been reading much. I'm reading Sail, by James Patterson, because his books are relatively easy to get through. And we're off to the library today. I was going to try and finish Space this weekend, but I don't know whether I will. I completely stalled on The Once and Future King partway through The Ill-made Knight. I just ... couldn't read anymore for some reason, so I'm taking a break from it.

Patrick is now standing, and pulling himself up on things _ like my computer desk, which is in the living room. My mouse with its shiny red bottom is just toooooooo tempting.


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